BBC Radio Wales Science Cafe – Searching for Alien Life

BBC Radio Wales Science Cafe programme: Searching for alien life – Adam Walton explores what message the world should be sending out to alien worlds. And Klara Anna Capova gives her thoughts on the problems of trying to communicate with alien life.

Full BBC Description: Adam Walton explores the search for extra-terrestrial life following the recent launch of Breakthrough Listen, a $100 million project to boost science’s quest to find signs of alien intelligence in space. Adam is joined by astrophysicist Dr Chris North of Cardiff University, who’s an occasional reporter on “The Sky At Night”. Astrophysicist Professor Don Pollacco of Warwick University, responsible for the “SuperWASP” planet detection experiment, and currently involved in the forthcoming ESA exo-planet missions “CHEOPS” and “PLATO”. Welsh freelance science writer Mark Brake, author of “The Alien Hunter’s Handbook” and currently on tour with a show called “How To Be a Space Explorer” And astrobiologist and astrophysicist Dr Duncan Forgan, of the University of St Andrews, studying star and planet formation, and a member of the UK SETI Research Network.

We also hear from visitors to the Science & Technology Pavilion at the recent National Eisteddfod at Meifod, and their suggestions for messages to send to any aliens “out there” who may be listening. Also, Klara Anna Capova, an anthropologist at Durham University gives her thoughts on the problems of trying to communicate with alien life.

Today, 18:30 on BBC RADIO WALES
Sun 30 Aug 2015, 06:31 on BBC RADIO WALES

BBC Three Counties Radio – About Life on Other Planets

Yesterday, on Monday July 20 the News Agency (amongst many others) reported that Stephen Hawking has teamed up with a Russian billionaire to launch a new quest to discover life on other planets. The British scientist has given his backing to Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Initiatives project, which will provide $US100 million over the next decade to those searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. The world got excited about this breaking news story but especially the SETI community welcome this breakthrough event and major new funding for SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

On Tuesday, I had a chat with Roberto Perrone on BBC Three Counties Radio about this news, search for life on other planets and of course about anthropology. The episode is available from BBC Three Counties Radio: Roberto Perrone with the day’s top stories and travel news every 15 minutes.

Date: Tue 21 Jul 2015 15:00
Info: 22 days left to listen

BBC 2 Portillo’s State Secrets

Dr. Klara Anna Capova, social anthropologist working in science & technology studies, anthropology of outerspace, and the founder of Space Cultures, will be talking about social dimension of space exploration and search for life beyond earth tonight at 6:30 pm, BBC Two, in Portillo’s State Secrets.

According to the official BBC Two Portillo’s State Secrets website, in this episode Mysteries, Michael Portillo unearths documents from the National Archives revealing the original letter that gave birth to Jack the Ripper, the mysterious disappearance of a wartime hero and the secret UFO files kept by the Ministry of Defence.

Watch Portillo’s State Secrets episode Mysteries live tonight on BBC Two.

Klara on BBC World News

On Friday the 13th at 9:30am I received an email from BBC World News TV, the international rolling news channel in London, asking me to come into the studio at about 12 to talk about SETI’s initiative to send messages to any extraterrestrials who may exist in the universe. The photo below illustrates what has happened: