Springer’s Space and Society book series

The series was founded by Springer together with Founding Editor Douglas A. Vakoch.

Editor-in-Chief: Klara Anna Capova
Series Editors: Anthony Milligan, David Dunér, Erik Persson, Erny Gillen, and Stella Alexandrova Tkatchova

The Space and Society series explores a broad range of topics in astronomy and the space sciences from the perspectives of the social sciences, humanities, and the arts. As humankind gains an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the structure and evolution of the universe, critical issues arise about the societal implications of this new knowledge. Similarly, as we conduct ever more ambitious missions into space, questions arise about the meaning and significance of our exploration of the solar system and beyond. These and related issues are addressed in books published in this series.

Our authors and contributors include scholars from disciplines including but not limited to anthropology, architecture, art, environmental studies, ethics, history, law, literature, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, and sociology. To foster a constructive dialogue between these researchers and the scientists and engineers who seek to understand and explore humankind‘s cosmic context, the Space and Society series publishes work that is relevant to those engaged in astronomy and the space sciences, while also being of interest to scholars from the author‘s primary discipline. For example, a book on the anthropology of space exploration in this series benefits individuals and organisations responsible for space missions, while also providing insights of interest to anthropologists. The monographs and edited volumes in the series are academic works that target interdisciplinary professional or scholarly audiences. Space enthusiasts with basic background knowledge will also find works accessible to them.

Find out more about current book titles in this series.


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