Astrobiology and Society in Europe Today published

This White Paper describes the state of astrobiology in Europe today and its relation to the European society at large. With contributions from authors in twenty countries and over thirty scientific institutions worldwide, the document illustrates the societal implications of astrobiology and the positive contribution that astrobiology can make to European society.
astrobiology and society in europe today capova persson duner milligan

The White Paper:

  • Presents an overview of the status of astrobiology today
  • Places astrobiology in a societal context
  • Written by the leading European scientists and scholars in the field
  • Strongly oriented towards policy formation
  • Helps the reader make informed decisions about science and policy

The White paper has two main objectives: 1. It recommends the establishment of a European Astrobiology Institute (EAI) as an answer to a series of challenges relating to astrobiology but also European research, education and the society at large. 2. It also acknowledges the societal implications of astrobiology, and thus the role of the social sciences and humanities in optimizing the positive contribution that astrobiology can make to the lives of the people of Europe and the challenges they face.

klara anna capova astrobiology and society in europe today

This book is recommended reading for science policymakers, the interested public, and the astrobiology community.

The White Paper “Astrobiology and Society in Europe Today”, edited by K.A. Capova, E. Persson, T. Milligan, D. Dunér, is published through the SpringerBriefs in Astronomy book series, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. The final authenticated version is available online at:

To buy the book from Amazon please go to Astrobiology and Society in Europe Today (SpringerBriefs in Astronomy) Paperback – September 24, 2018


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