Space Cultures

Space Cultures is a research project on the socio-cultural and historical aspects of space exploration and search for life beyond earth worldwide. The project is based on Klara’s master’s and doctoral research into search for life beyond earth and postdoctoral work in anthropology of science.

Space Cultures is an ongoing multi-disciplinary research project looking into space and society. The basis of this visual project has been established in Klara’s doctoral fieldwork when she collected visual evidence including examples from science fiction, science documentaries and other ethnographic material collected during fieldwork to demonstrate how popular culture has adapted the other life idea. As the research unfolded this has evolved into image galleries and collections of curiosities such as science tattoos, science fiction stories, jokes about extraterrestrials, and incredible media stories. The research Facebook page All Things Extra-Terrestrial is dedicated to the extraterrestrial life and aliens as they appear/are presented in space sciences, popular culture, science fiction and art.

Capova, K.A. (2013). The Charming Science of the Other: The cultural analysis of the scientific search for life beyond earth. Department of Anthropology, Durham University. Department of Anthropology. Durham University. PhD.

Capova, K.A. (2008). The Voyager Message. Department of General Anthropology, Charles University in Prague. Masters.

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